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Mashike Chiropractic Wellness Center is conveniently located in downtown Plymouth Michigan on Main Street. Our office serves patients in the Plymouth Canton area as well as the surrounding western metro Detroit area and southeastern Michigan suburbs.

About Dr. Adam Mashike

Dr Mashike Photo - Version 2Dr. Adam Mashike is a second generation chiropractor. His father, Dr. Carl Mashike and his Uncle, Dr. David Mashike.

” Receiving chiropractic adjustments for my ear infections, when I had a temperature, or had a headache was as normal as a child taking medicine. If I didn’t feel good, I just got my spine adjusted.” Chiropractic was never tested more than when Dr. Adam began racing motorcycles. He had a big crash at the Daytona International Speedway and broke his back. X-rays revealed a broken L5 lumbar vertebra. During the time that he was a student at Life Chiropractic College and luckily received the best care he could have had. After healing from his injuries, Dr. Adam finished second in the National Championship and won a race at the Grand National Finals which qualified him to reach his dream of being a professional motorcycle racer!

Dr. Adam understands pain and being injured. “I have been there. In 12 years of racing motorcycles, I had countless crashes and broke 16 bones, dislocated shoulders, separated shoulders, hematomas, lacerations, whiplash, knocked unconscious (Twice!)- You name it.”

“When a patient comes in and has that look in their eyes, I know the feeling.” Dr. Adam says. “When you’re hurt, it takes time to heal. My Job is to get you better as quickly as possible and I will use all the techniques I used to get myself back into top physical condition.”